Art is a beautiful thing, and I’ve always been secretly jealous of those brimming with artistic ability. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with several artists, including Shauna Jasken of Defined Line Painting

Her work and process was so unique that it prompted me to write a story about it that you can read by clicking here: This Picture is Worth 1000 Words.

Defined Line Painting
Fish Art by Shauna Jasken

Canadian artist Shauna Jasken turned a photograph I took in 2017 into a larger-than-life painting that blew the original reference photo out of the water. Prints are available on Facebook Page or Instagram (@definedlinepainting).

Even those who can’t create their own art can certainly appreciate the work of others. I’d consider myself an art aficionado, and basically all of the art in my house is of fish. It’s not that weird.

Artist Shauna Jasken works wonders in creating realistic fish art from primarily trout and salmon reference photos.

Killing some fish for taxidermy is acceptable, but not wild trout. Replica mounts are expensive and require you to over-handle the fish to get enough appropriate angles. Instead of taxidermy, consider commemorating your trophies with fish art! 

Talented artists like Shauna Jasken provide a no-kill alternative to taxidermy and allow you to get a beautiful painting at a reasonable price.

Check out her Facebook Page or Instagram (@definedlinepainting) to see what she has to offer or contact her via email at Her rates are reasonable, and she produces some of the best trout and salmon art I’ve ever seen.

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