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Knowledge is power, but not everything in fishing is intuitive. Start here to learn what it means to be an angler. Start with the Basic Skills, move on to Intermediate Skills, and end with Advanced Skills on your way to becoming a Master Angler.


How to Build Custom Travel Maps will teach you how to keep track of all of your secret spots, so you don’t forget where to turn out in the middle of nowhere and you can pass them down to your kids. You can also track places you’d like to fish someday and what you might catch there.

How to Identify Fish might be the most basic skill. If you can’t tell what you’re fishing for or what you’re catching, you won’t know what to use.

How to Measure Fish is the way you back up the stories you tell, so it’s arguably quite significant. Learn how to safely handle fish while taking accurate measurements to back up your fish stories.

How to Release Fish is arguably the most important skill an angler can have. Learn how to properly handle and release your catch, so that your fishery stays strong and productive for generations to come.

How to Submit a World Record is something I often get asked. Odds are, if you’ve fished a lot, you’ve probably caught a record. Why not submit it next time?


This page is under construction and will be continuously updated with content. Expect pictures, videos, and outside sources in addition to the typical written content. Educate yourself for free here.

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