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I’d start by reading about my #SpeciesQuest, where I catalog each and every species I’ve caught. There’s a story for every species, and this is updated monthly.

If that doesn’t interest, no worries! I’ll cry myself to sleep while you focus your attention on the types of fishing I do. Learn how better to target bass or trout or sturgeon by focusing on stories in the category that most interests you or see How I Got Hooked on fishing in the first place.

Bass Fishing

Micro Fishing

Panfish Fishing

Rough Fishing

Salmon Fishing

Sturgeon Fishing

Trout Fishing



Light Rock Fishing

Pier Fishing

Surf Fishing


How I Got Hooked:
Hook 1: Record Keeping

Hook 2: Fish of a Lifetime

Hook 3: Ethics

Hook 4: Determination

Hook 5: 100-Fish Day

Hook 6: Highs & Lows

Hook 7: Danger


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