I was so stoked for this first Eastern Mosquitofish. Minutes later, I hated them with a fiery passion that burns deep within the fires of my soul. I caught dozens of them and took just one picture.

Species: Eastern Mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki)
Location: Lake Fran Urban Wetlands, Orlando, FL
Date: July 7, 2018

Perhaps the least impressive fish on my Lifelist is the Eastern Mosquitofish. Within 30 seconds of putting on a micro rig and targeting them in Central Florida, I caught one.

I caught half a dozen of them in no time before they lost their appeal. The rest of the trip, the simply interfered with me catching the half dozen other near-surface micros found in and around Orlando.


The most interesting thing was when I tried using a live mosquitofish as bait. I caught a few little bass and briefly hooked a Florida Gar. I lost it, but I made up for it a few hours later.

#SpeciesQuest // #CaughtOvgard

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