The Inland Silverside has given some people trouble, but they’re by far the most common silverside in Texas, so they’re not hard to stumble into down there.

Species: Inland Silverside (Menidia beryllina)
Location: Lake Abilene, Texas
Date: August 11, 2018

In hopes of finding an exotic gambusia species, we also tried fishing several of the ditches, channels, and canals around Abilene. It was about as terrible as you’d think.

We didn’t catch fish, but I still wanted a fishing picture. This is what Casey gave me.

I already wrote this story, but let me just add that at the time I caught this Inland Silverside, I had no idea what a silverside was. I took a few pictures and eventually exchanged some emails with a fisheries biologist based in the Abilene area who told me the only silversides present were Inland Silversides, and I chalked up another win for Occam’s Razor.

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