Sculpins are probably my favorite micros, but blennies come pretty close.

Species: Bay Blenny (Hypsoblennius gentilis)
Location: Del Mar Lagoon, Del Mar, California
Date: August 5, 2018

The final species I landed while fishing with Ben Cantrell in San Diego was the Bay Blenny. These adorable little critters hide in nooks and crannies, looking grumpy AF while waiting for something unfortunate enough to float by.

Get a bait within a few inches of a blenny, and it’s over.

At the time, I’d only caught Largemouth Blenny, so I knew that, but the Bay Blenny was still new and exciting.

Just like the Largemouth Blennies I’d caught, it was absurdly aggressive and tried to bite me when I handled it.

These are such beautiful, alien fish that it was worth getting bit for this picture.

Since I’ve already covered this day in detail, and there isn’t a lot lot else to cover, I guess I’ll end it there. Just focus on the picture above and forget how unfulfilling this story was.

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